The historic cemetery and St. Mary the Virgin church is 150 years old in 2023.   The index, or list, of those buried at the cemetery can be matched to the map for the exact location of each grave and ash plot.  The index and the map are also displayed at the cemetery. 

If you are viewing the map on a mobile device with a small screen, this description of the plot locations might help you find a specific plot:

  • the rows start at A alongside Metchosin Road, and end at P at the back of the property. 
  • the plots are numbered from 1, on the Metchosin Store side, and go to 14 on the entrance pathway to the door of the church. On the other side of the pathway, the preschool building side, the plots are numbered from plot 15: on row A to 28, row B to 23, and row C to 24.  For row J to N, the plots behind the church go from 15 to 53.  For row O, from 15 to 36, and for row P from 15 to 25; row I has only plot 15.
  • Row R, the ash plots, are at the front of the church, preschool side, between rows B and C.  The plots are 18 to 23.  Each plot has 6 sub-plots, A and B closest to the church, C and D in the middle, and E and F on the Metchosin Road side.  

If you are able to visit the cemetery, give thanks to the volunteers who maintain it and the church. It is especially beautiful when the wild flowers bloom in late March and April.  There is a donation box along the walkway to the church if you can help the maintenance financially. 

If you or a family member have strong links to Metchosin, and might want to be buried at the cemetery, please contact the Office Administrator of the church at 250-474-4119, or email, for more information  [Prices as of 2021] 

    • special dispensation for the term of residency and/or price may be considered by clergy and wardens of St. Mary of the Incarnation 
    • the cemetery is consecrated ground.  Please consult the church office for the cost of funeral and other church services. 
    • current parishioners of St. Mary of the Incarnation for 5+ years receive a 50% discount for plots 

Burial plot $3,000 - available only to Metchosin residents of 30+ years 

Ash plot $500 - available only to Metchosin residents of 30+ year.  Ash added to existing plot is $50 

Ash scattering $100