Welcome to St. Marys' Metchosin!

We recognize that families come in a kaleidoscope of shapes and sizes and we are happy to include everyone in our worship service – we’re very relaxed.

St Mary of the Incarnation is our active parish located at 4125 Metchosin Road next to Witty's Beach. Eucharist and family service is held in person at 10:00 am Sunday morning.

We are a member parish of the Anglican Church of Canada and regionally we are a part of the Anglican Diocese of Islands and Inlets

Our original historic church building, St Mary the Virgin is periodically used for church services, weddings, funerals, and other event. The grounds are glorious with wildflowers each Spring, usually peaking in early April.  The church is located at 4354 Metchosin Rd near the junction of Happy Valley Road, just east of the My-Chosen Cafe and Metchosin Store.  It is maintained by volunteers as an historic site.