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Hello People of St. Mary's,
Our worship services have featured beautiful photos of the Metchosin area and neighbouring municipalities where we live. We would like to add more photos! 
Photos for our Worship Service:
Send photos of yourself during our community lockdown. Send photos of our gorgeous surroundings. Send photos of small and grand sightings of God in nature.  Submissions can be submitted as early as this Friday (to make it into this week’s service) for inclusion in our worship service.
For the photo contest: 2 prizes will be given: The prize for adults is a $40 dollar gift certificate to the My Chosen Cafe, the Children’s prize is a $10 gift certificate for the Sugar Shack at the Cafe (thanks to our generous donor)
Children are classified as under 12 years of age. Photos from the adult contest will anonymous and judged by an amateur photographer with no association with St Marys’ under the criteria of being the best overall photograph submitted. 
Please submit as many pictures as they wish for inclusion in the service, but each person can only submit 2 photos as entries to the contest, and the photos should be identified as their entries.
Our first contest deadline will be the end of June. We will also be running the contest for the months of July and August so keep the pictures coming. 
All photos can be sent to [email protected] 
Kind Regards,