Climate change affects all of us, and the changes to get to net zero carbon involve all of us. This is not the only world scale environmental issue that we humans must address to maintain the richness of Creation.  The '6th Great Extinction' is linked to many of the causes of climate change.

People struggle with psychological depression over the state and trajectory of the world's environment, and this makes successful change more difficult.  

This academic paper describes the work of some good people trying to address these issues.  More is needed, and in many places, but despair is not a solution.  Be thankful for those who try, and do your unique part too.  

After posting the article on Wednesday March 17th, I formed the sermon for Sunday. To my initial surprise, this article became part of it.  If you are curious how they link, in 'News' open the March 21 service recording and listen to the sermon.  If you are curious how this one person 'forms' a sermon, give me an email or telephone call.