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The Paris Accord if successful will limit world climate change to an average rise of 1.5 C, or no worse than 2.0 C.  In 2020, the world average temperature is already 1.0 C higher, and there are significant impacts.    

An environmental educator at the Metchosin Challenge on March 24 introduced us to a policy simulator. What happens if around the world we do from A [economic growth] and B [net zero carbon] to X [plant forests], Y [electric cars and trucks] and Z [carbon pricing]?  It's humbling and hugely useful to test our own ideas in the simulator and see what happens to the world climate. There is huge political challenge, too, because the changes have to be done around the world, not just in Canada.   

The similator is at: 

It's good to try yourself, and even better to try the simulator with friends.  Use it to deepen the discussion. In the end, to be successful, we need billions of people to support change in how we work and live -- or we will all endure cataclysmic change.  It is only impossible to do nothing.  Many things are possible, so what do you choose to do?