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Diakonia World Federation is an organizations of deacons from many denominations in all continents except Antarctica.  As a member of Anglican Deacons in Canada, I am also a member of Diakonia World Conference.  The world assemblies are held every 4 years, and I have some vivid memories from conferences in Atlanta 2009, Berlin 2013, and Chicago 2017. 

The 2021 world assembly in Darwin Australia did not survive the lock downs of covid, so it was remade into a virtual world conference held Monday and Tuesday October 24 and 25, 2022.  For videos made for the worldwide virtual meeting, go to the YouTube channel 'Diakonia World Federation'.   I particularly recommend 'Disembodied Monday' then 'Disembodied Tuesday' in that order, and I've put Disembodied Monday into our links below.  

Do you have questions about Diakonia, or the ministry of a deacon?   Please email, telephone, or just pull me aside and let's talk.  

BTW.... why the picture of the lifesized model of the largest saltwater crocodile ever recorded?  It is in the town square of Normanton, Queensland, a mere 2,099 road kilometers east of Darwin, Northern Territories in Australia.  Not too far by Outback standards and in very similar ecosystems.