The 'Monday Morning Crew' of volunteers who take care of the old church and cemetery have added a project in honour of the 150th anniversary of the church in 1873.  The church is used for a few special services like Christmas Eve midnight mass, and events like 'Consider the Lilies'.  

The design for the ramp that allows safe access for disabled persons is complete. The 'Crew' have applied for a building permit.  The two rhodendrum plants near the church wall will be kept as much as possible. 

The volunteers of the 'Crew' will do much of the work, and trees on their properties and a small Metchosin wood mill will supply much of the lumber.  If you can help the project financially for speciality components like concrete and pressure treated wood, please donate through this website, or come between 9:00 and roughly 11:00 on any Monday morning and talk to the 'Crew'.